Hydrogen Gas Generators, Gujarat, India.

Hydrogen Gas Generators

These are catalytic cracking units in which ammonia is dissociated to nitrogen and nitrogen. Commercial grade liquid ammonia from cylinders or tank is used as feedstock. The product gas has 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen. This gas is further purified in a molecular sieves unit by removing un-cracked ammonia and moisture. Purified gas is then used in Heat treatment furnaces like annealing, sintering and as reducing furnace atmosphere.

It is widely used in stainless steel and carbon steel bright annealing. Investment in such hydrogen gas generator is extremely low and also cost of hydrogen produced is very low. The cracking furnaces are electrically heated or fuel fired type.

Standard Sizes available - 1NM 3 /hr to 500 NM 3 /hr

Hydrogen Gas Generators
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