Oxygen Gas Generator, Oxygen Gas Generators

Oxygen Gas Generator

Principle Of Operations

Oxygen gas generators are based on the PSA technology. A special grade of synthetic Zeolite, known as molecular sieves is used to separate oxygen from atmospheric air. Oxygen generator consists of two absorption vessels, filled with molecular sieves are alternately charged with compressed air up to 5 bar pressure. Nitrogen is adsorbed and enriched oxygen flows to the surge tank. After the adsorption cycle, one bed is depressurized to atmospheric pressure, thereby evacuating nitrogen and sieve bed gets regenerated completely by counter current oxygen flow from the other bed. Salient Features:- 1) Operation is cyclic and automatic. 2) Automatic start-up and shut-off. 3) Working life of molecular sieves is almost 10 years on continuous run of the plant. 4) Very low maintenance cost.

Applications :

• Steel Plants • Welding • Brazing • Paper Industries • Chemical Oxidation • Battery Manufacturing • Ozone Generation

Oxygen Gas Generator
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